Friday, February 25, 2011

Does Revolution Equal Freedom?

If one is in the know, and understands that quantitative easing will lead to higher commodity prices (inflation), it is reasonable that same one would also understand the effect of those higher prices on the poorest of this world. In the US we spend about 6% of our disposable income on food, in Egypt it is closer to 80%. So, since the people in the "know" realize what the outcome will be under their own fiscal policies I have to wonder what the end game is for this line our federal government, under the leadership of Pres Obama and the money of George Soros, has chosen to take.

Let me see if I can guess and we shall see how close I can come because the "revolutions" in the Middle East are in NO WAY spontaneous. There is no way you will ever convince me the White House and the fiscal decision makers had no idea their policies would lead to revolt.

Instability in the Mid East will lead to much higher gas prices here in America. I've heard numbers of $5/gallon by 2012. Gas prices of $5/gallon here in America will lead to a major decline in the economy. $5/gallon gas translates into about 350 Billion dollars being moved from the American economy into the economies of the mid east. That will mean more business failures here in America (because we will all have less money to spend on restaurants and x-box's), which will result in massive unemployment. It will be catastrophic.

The loss in tax revenue facing each locale, state, and the country as a whole due to an increase in unemployment (higher than the current 10%) will lead to additional cutbacks in public spending. Further cutbacks will lead to additional outrage as people lose their pensions and benefits. The outrage will be coupled with protests, and because there will be no immediate fix, it will lead to violence.

After the violence begins, what do you foresee? I see Marshall Law and a stranglehold on our Rights as Americans.

So, do you believe that I can figure this out sitting here in my living room while our leaders believe the revolutions in the middle east are spontaneous? Really? It's all just happen-chance?

We have scientist who can create one mathematical equation that encompasses the "theory of everything" in this universe. Yet, our leadership will have us believe they have no idea the results of inflation in the price of food will do to the stability in the middle east. This all was just by chance, and isn't it wonderful?? (note the sarcasm here, please).

George Soros, who is he and why do I mention him all of the time? Well, please read the following written by James H. Walsh, a formal Federal Prosecutor about George Soros and his "open society":

Have you all ever heard of something called "The Shadow Party"? Probably not since ABC, NBC, and CBS would never dare to look under this rock. Take a look at the following written about the man, the myth, the legend, George Soros and his direct ties to the democratic party:

Pretty wild stuff, right? Almost too crazy to believe. But, I ask you... what is more believable, that no one would have any idea that our policies would in fact lead to upheaval and revolution? Or, that it is part of a plan to bring an end to capitalism and the greatness of the United States?

I guess we will decide during our next election cycle, if we have one. A nationwide State of Emergency, with curfews and restrictions on information, mobility, and personal freedoms is not hard to imagine. I sincerely hope I am just an idiot with aluminum foil for a hat, but I fear I'm actually sane.

You know, I was talking to a couple of soccer moms at my daughter's JV soccer banquet/dinner, and do you know neither of them even had any idea about what was going on in Wisconsin? "Ignorance is the enemy" -- A friend of mine said this on facebook just the other day. Please don't help the enemy. Stay informed. Keep and open mind about EVERYTHING! Don't take me at my word, look it up for yourself. The internet is a wonderful thing with information at our beck and call at levels never experienced before. Information is power. You can be powerful.

I love America and the freedom it offers. I'm not giving it up without some sort of struggle. We have had our faults, for sure, but no one has been able to show me a better way. Show me the numbers, prove to me how socialism and unions lead to a stronger America. If you can try I will at least listen.